KUB small but POWERFUL

Design and production of sound boxes and complete audio systems have been the primary activity of the company for many years. Through many years of experience, we have conceived several models that we successfully produce and install in both private and business facilities, such as companies, restaurants, cafes, clubs, sports halls, sound systems for festivals and concerts…

Namely, there was a great need for a complete system which, according to all characteristics, must be at the very top of performance and for today's technique of completely expected supersonic sound pressure, uncompromising color tone, and very small dimensions and prices acceptable primarily to the domestic market.  

Something that has stood out as the absolute winner in the last couple of years is our complete audio system KUB® .

Ultra compact sound system for applications that require superior sound and power characteristics in a special, unobtrusive packaging. The powerful 5-inch coaxial speaker with neodymium magnet provides very wide but precise coverage, without distortion even to levels over 115 dB.

With its modest dimensions of 17 x 17 x 17 cm and simple and always modern design of "cubes", it has become an unavoidable part of the interior in a large number of bars (cafes, restaurants, clubs).

  • For the upper range we chose a 5 "/ 3/4" (130mm / 19mm) coaxial unit of high sensitivity and very linear balanced frequency characteristics, but still soft suspension so that the entire membrane structure is very easily mobile which results in a very linear response especially in the lower spectrum .
  • The lower range is entrusted to a proven fighter 8 "(200mm). The neodymium magnet is a very powerful motor, with a very light membrane and rubber suspension, with ventilated - cooled coil windings for reduced power compression.