District Lounge Bar

The District Lounge Bar is divided into two floors and the client's request is an inconspicuous system that fits into the ambience and can also perform evening live gigs. Our KUB system is the perfect solution for a space like this.
  • District Lounge Bar
  • Lounge Bar, Caffe
  • service
  • Audio system KUB
  • year
  • 2018
  • DISTRICT LOUNGE BAR is a completely unique ambience in Novi Sad. The concept of the place is a combination of natural and modern elements that would awaken all the senses in synergy with nature, good atmosphere and music! We were entrusted with the task of doing the complete sound system of the space, which included the basement, the main part and the garden of the building. It is our product, KUB, that has proven to be an ideal sound system for locals with such needs.
  • Technical description
  • KUB sound system KUB satellites 5.44 18 pcs
    CUB 8.51 8 pcs
    power amplifier 2 x 350w 5pcs
    XILICA xp 8080 audio processor
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